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    Gidimo Program was gifting MTN customers complimentary info for over a calendar year now if I’m not confused, once they started this task they basically gave away 150MB absolutely free data to all MTN users that download and then enroll on their program. After assessing lately, I only found they reward their clients with 200MB complimentary info, to activate yours, click here.

    The Good information is you may get more than the 200MB info you are seeking to become out of Gidimo, did I state 200MB info? You can even get significantly more than 400MB, 1GB absolutely free data to your MTN SIM card in Gidimo program, to attain this accomplishment, attentively stick to the measures I’m likely to list out the following.

    The way to Get significantly more than 400MB free of charge data about MTN using Gidimo app

    Down Load GIDIMO program Right Here

    Log in Or register using the MTN amount you would want to use to find the info

    Tap the SUBSCRIBE button at the very top. Select STANDARD PLAN and tap SUBSCRIBE.

    Harness HAVE A GIDIMO CODE? Type in MTN2020gidimo subsequently tap the LOAD button

    Do not Choose any cost solution, close it and then go back to the major web page

    Exit the App and launch it

    Now you Have to see a pop-up notification letting you know that you’ve gotten 1GB info. Send it into the MTN SIM card you found in registering.

    This really is The very first step into getting 1GB absolutely free information, if you are new into the program, you should also obtain 200MB completely free info. The good thing is the fact that Gidimo has a referral app and this referral app offers you 400MB absolutely free data when you encourage a buddy to subscribe to Gidimo SSP.

    The best way to Accumulate the info

    Today, Invitation because many individuals as you can together with your very own unique referral link, you can get yours by clicking on the phrase; Get 400MB when a friend you encouraged subscribes to gidimo SSP. When you click that, you will be shown a menu using a set of selections to share your connection and also the very best anyone to select would be Copy to Clipboard.

    Later Copying the link, tell your close friend regarding the program and let them adhere to the method in the above list you need to get 400MB whenever they comply with through the task and they need to receive 1GB totally free data for subsequent to the procedure.

    The last Thing that I would want to inform you is it may not do the job for you whether you overlook a Step and also we believe that really is just a glitch out of the app which may possibly be fixed soon Enough so grab your very own completely free data now before it has blocked. The data routed to Your own MTN SIM card from Gidimo program will continue for 7 days, 1 week. You are able to dial ∗460∗260# to test on your information equilibrium. If You face any problem with getting the own totally free information, and don’t hesitate to shed a comment Under.

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